Head Coach

"COACH B. BROWN" is a black belt under 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo, and has been training with Eddie since 2006! He started at the Bomb Squad when it was the only 10th Planet, which now has over 80 Moons orbiting around the 10th Planet HQ in Los Angeles. One of Bryan's goals has been to become the head instructor of his own Moon. His heart lies in creating the best atmosphere, training partners, and best instruction in our community. 

In 2017 he married the love of his life, Mattie Brown. Outside of his life of jiu jitsu, Coach Bryan has quite the musical talent. 



Women's Self Defense Coach

Assistant Jiu Jitsu Coach

"THE HONEY BADGER" started training jiu jitsu in September 2011 and fell in love with it the first day. She is a brown belt under Coach Bryan Brown at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Jacksonville. Mattie's attention to detail has made her a great asset to the team, especially as the instructor for the 101 jiu jitsu classes. 

Her love for jiu jitsu is only surpassed by her love for empowering women through self defense. She runs our women's self defense program known as Athena: Women's Self Defense.

*Photo credit: Jesse Brantman



MMA Coach

"THE PILLOW" is a jiu jitsu brown belt under Bryan Brown and the Combat Night 125 champion (10 -1 amateur, 2-0 pro). Koslow is one of our jiu jitsu coaches and is head coach of the MMA program. He is known for his amazing work ethic and skills in striking and on the ground. Steven is both humble and humbling to anyone who spars with him. Always striving to better himself, and those around him, we are grateful to have Steven on our team.



10th Planet Orange Park Instructor

"STORM" is the instructor at our 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Orange Park location. Storm received his Brown belt in 2020 from Coach Bryan Brown. Storm has a gift for breaking down and explaining both complex and basic techniques in a comprehensible way.  He has a 10 year back ground in the art of Goju-ryu Karate, and in 2008, was introduced to the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu. Humbled by his experience, he was immediately hooked. In 2009, he was introduced to 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, but didn't get the opportunity to train in it until Bryan Brown brought 10th Planet to Jacksonville in 2016. Beyond his jiu jitsu endeavors, Storm has received a degree in Sports Medicine Athletic Training and a doctorate in Chiropractic. 



Wrestling Coach

Sam is our Greco-Roman wrestling coach, a jiu jitsu purple belt under Coach Bryan Brown, and has his wrestling USA coaching card. Sam began wrestling at age 14 and continued through all of highschool. His last 3 years of highschool he wrestled under the supervision of Tony Ramos and Joe Sheffield, who had competed and coached for the marine corps wrestling team. Sam currently holds an amateur MMA record of 3-3.

Sam one day hopes to open a gym and be pillar in his community for his family. He has a big heart for all children, special needs in particular. For a year Sam helped run a special Olympics weight lifting team and for 8 years, was a member, then a volunteer for Hoops N’ Dreams (an after school basketball program that allows for able bodied and disabled kids to interact).


Assistant Jiu Jitsu Coach

"DARKRY" is a purple belt in jiu jitsu under Coach Bryan Brown. He started training in May of 2017.  His positive attitude, love of jiu jitsu, and passion for rubber guard has made him a valuable asset to the team and rubber guard class. Ryan will Dead Orchard you.


Judo Instructor

We are honored to have a man such as Mr. Roland Garcia as our Judo instructor. His knowledge and ability to convey a movement shows in the quickness his students process and apply what Mr. Garcia desires from them. Apart from his black belt in Judo, Roland is a well respected man among those who know him, he is a complete gentleman, a husband, father, and grandfather. 




Steven Koslow

"The Pillow"

(Pro) 3-0 | 125/135 lb

Shelby Koran

"Korn Star"

(Ammy) 7-0 | 115 lb

Michael Clark

"The Machine"

(Ammy) 4-4 | 170 lb

Kevin Church


(Ammy) 0-1 | 215 lb

Samuel Barbosa


(Ammy) 3-3 | 185 lb

Latrell White


(Ammy) 1-1 | 145 lb

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